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Bevco Homes Ltd. Home Builder

Dundas, New Homes, Single Family

Recchia Estates, Dundas

Exciting new development perched on the edge of the Dundas Valley along historic York Road.

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News Feature: Brantford Approves New Development

City councillors have approved plans for 30-unit townhouse development on a Jarvis Street brownfield site.

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The Bevco Homes Experience

Building Expertise

Bevco Homes Ltd. has built over 300 custom design residential homes, along with various commercial properties during the past 25 years.

Simple and Flexible

Bevco Homes Ltd. listens and respects the wishes of all buyers. We are flexible throughout the buying process especially when it comes to accommodating our valued clients.

Direct Communication

All problems, questions and comments are directed to Bevco Homes Ltd.’s owner, Fernando Recchia, directly. This ensures a more efficent and personal buying process for our customers

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  • Fernando takes pride in his houses. He uses quality subcontractors and closely monitors their work. We requested a few design changes and these were excellently completed. The house was ready to move in on the specified closing date. We find the house solidly constructed and any work needing follow up after we moved in was completed in a timely manner. We would highly recommend Bevco homes.

    Ken & Carol Gallimore, Retired

  • I purchased a Bevco home 11 years ago. I worked with Fernando throughout the building process and was always treated with respect by him, his employees and tradesmen.  I found that the standard options were considered upgrades in many of the different builders and that they pay attention to the little details.  It was the personal experience that made a huge difference for me.  With all new homes I have purchased (3), I have never worked directly with the builder/owner. Fernando was always on site monitoring his workers and available to listen to any concerns which were quickly addressed.  The quality of the home is amazing, never having any major problems even after 11 years. Bevco takes pride in their developments and it shows in the quality of the homes.  I would highly recommend purchasing a Bevco home. You won’t be disappointed!

    Christine Pearce, Sales Representative, VWR Int.

  • Fernando is a hands-on builder. He works closely with his tradesmen and customers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Issues that arise during the course of construction are resolved in a timely manner and the quality of workmanship is what separates Bevco from other builders.

    Gene P., CPA, CA

  • Bevco Homes built a custom home for us. From the design to the quality of the materials used to the actual workmanship they not only met but exceeded our expectations. We also moved in by the move in date. We are proud to recommend Bevco Homes; as a matter of fact he is building a home for our brother and sister in law. Bevco Homes take the project seriously and they do what they say they are going to do. Fernando Recchia, is organized and stays on top of the project every day and on the job site every day. Our entire building experience was wonderful.

    Donna and Karl Konietzko, Dentist

  • Quality of construction exceeds most other builders. Fernando has a good relationship with his subcontractors. We were most impressed with the after sales support and service from Bevco Homes Ltd. compared to our experience with previous homes.

    Larry and Carole Burns, V.P & General Manager/ Homemaker

  • I am privileged to own a Bevco Home for over 5 years. My home has provided me with much enjoyment and no issues. It is energy efficient, well-built, current in design and easy to maintain. The layout is stylish while incorporating good workmanship. Working with Bevco was a pleasant experience as they are professional and pay a lot of attention to detail.

    Deborah Weston, Professor

  • We are very pleased with the home we bought from Bevco Homes in 2007. As we had learned to this experience, the process of building a new home can be a very stressful experience. There are so many decisions and choices to be made and so many things that can go wrong. Add to this the task of selling and packing up an existing home and things can get overwhelming. From the day we chose our Bevco home plan to the day we took possession, we dealt directly with the builder Fernando Recchia. All questions, concerns, and decisions to be made were communicated to him directly and not through an agent, manager or site foreman. The Realtor representing Bevco Homes, Laura Brown of Century 21, was also extremely helpful to us in navigating the process. She not only provided us guidance in decision making with regards to our new home, but we also took advantage of her services in selling our existing home. Through her contacts with retailers, we purchased appliances, furniture and central air conditioning at extremely low prices. As a result, the process went very smoothly with minimal stress, allowing us the opportunity to enjoy the anticipation of moving to our new home. The tradespeople associated with Bevco homes were personally chosen and supervised by our builder, ensuring the quality and timely completion of our new home. We followed the building of our house as it progressed and took possession on the date it was originally promised. We had only a few minor concerns with the finished product, and these were dealt with immediately. Our complex, consisting of 12 condominium homes, was also landscaped as soon as the weather permitted, reducing the amount of time we had to endure the mud and dust common to most new home sites. Our builder Fernando Recchia made personal relationships with his customers, showing concern for their needs. He took obvious pride in his reputation and ability to provide quality built homes which he stands behind 100%. He visited our site regularly for at least a year after completion to maintain customer relationships and satisfaction, and was integral in ensuring our condo association was set up properly and running smoothly. Very few builders are as approachable and directly involved in all aspects of the building process, usually delegating responsibilities to site foremen. And even fewer builders are as concerned with customer concerns once they have received payment. After 8 years we have experienced no issues with the quality and workmanship of our home and highly recommend Bevco Homes. We would most certainly buy one of their homes again.

    Laurie and Scott Gregory

  • The purchase of our Bevco home has been amazing. We would highly recommend Bevco homes for the following reasons: The workmanship of the tradesmen use by Bevco are of the highest quality. Fernando is always on site and making sure that everything is up to his standards. Any issues or requests that were made during construction were quickly addressed. What separates Fernando from the other builders is that he will always listen to the client and find a solution to their wishes. Quality and honestly are just 2 of the many reasons to deal with Bevco homes.

    Gary and Lynn Bigwood

  • Purchased our home 14 months ago and was very pleased with Fernando and the way he handled getting our home ready for us with such short notice. We requested design changes and were done to perfection with no questions asked. He takes pride in his houses and was always there to make sure things were done with quality workmanship. We would highly recommend Bevco homes.

    Robert and Linda Catherwood

  • We are proud and very satisfied owners of a Bevco Homes Ltd. townhouse condominium. We first met Fernando Recchia when our unit was in the blueprint stage and he worked with us, without any go-betweens, to accommodate us throughout the entire building process. At every stage of the development, he kept us apprised of the progress such that there were no unforeseen surprises at any time. Fernando’s standard trim features (e.g., rounded wall corners) and materials (e.g., quartz countertops) would certainly be considered high upgrades by many other developers. He offered us a vast range of décor choices that were of superior quality. He welcomed our changes to the basic plans so that we would have a home tailored to our personal tastes and lifestyle. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant was the requested fine-tuning, Fernando was always diligent in accommodating us. Fernando’s project management skills were evidenced by his constant on-site presence to provide oversight and direction to all the trades workers. That attention and precision assured us that our home would be delivered on time. We are grateful to Fernando Recchia as our experience vividly portrayed the fulfillment of Bevco Homes Ltd.'s mission statement…ensuring that the home buying process is transparent, flexible, and tailored to individual needs.

    Ashley Gonsalves and Michele Boncardo

  • We are truly happy with our new home built by Fernando of Bevco Homes. The care and attention to detail throughout is simply amazing. It is not often these days that you find a builder who genuinely cares about the quality of the home that he is building. The materials and finishes are not the typical builder grade but rather the quality I would expect from a custom home. I would not hesitate to buy another house built by Bevco Homes. From the initial floor plan to the final touch ups, our home was built with top quality workmanship. Thank you Bevco Homes!

    Mike and Marion Urquhart